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Why Jaipuri Quilt Is A Worthwhile Investment And Is A Must-Have For Everybody?

Posted by Admin on May, 12, 2021

Jaipur isn’t only synonymous for its animal fair, endless deserts, and camel races but also its beautifully printed Jaipuri quilts. The Jaipuri quilt in Jodhpur has always been on-demand, thanks to its market value for both foreigners and Indians. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from shopping Jaipuri quilts, when in Jaipur.

You can get a variety of Jaipuri quilts like the gorgeous silk-print quilts, micro-quilts, AC quilts, and light-weight quilts.
in Jodhpur from the reputed suppliers and wholesale traders,

Why Jaipuri Quilt in Jodhpur Remains Irreplaceable?

Despite quilts being offered in myriad forms, nothing can beat the beauty of the Jaipuri quilt in Jodhpur. Normally, a cloth is filled either filled with poly-wool or cotton for some warmth during the cold months, for the making of the quilt. The Jaipuri quilts are manufactured similarly. However, it is the striking style of printing which it follows apart from the embed pattern which makes them an unbeatable choice in quilts.

The Jaipuri Quilts Are A Vibrant Cultural Presentation of Rajasthan

The cheerful and colourful lifestyle of Rajasthan is imprinted on the quilts in the form of Rajasthani’s folk dances, royal palaces, camels, and elephants. You can also check out the enticing hand-painted quilts sold by the Jaipuri quilt supplier in Jodhpur. The entire quilt is hand-painted with natural dyes by expert painters.

Jaipuri Quilts and How Are They Unique?

Jaipuri quilts are loved and adored by people from all across the world. They are sent as presents from people staying in Jaipur to other parts of the world as well. Here are some of the salient features of Jaipur quilts which shows why it is a must-have for everybody.

These Are Reversible

Unlike other quilts, you need not buy different quilts to enjoy different styles and patterns. A lot of quilts available with the wholesale Jaipuri quilt in Jodhpur are reversible. Therefore, when you turn one of the quilt sides around, you can see a fresh pattern, a different colour followed by a completely new design. Hence, they act as two quilts. So, no worry if you are jaded with one quilt, all you need to unlock a different quilt is to flip it over.

These Aren’t Only Soft but Also Cosy

The one thing that makes the Jaipuri quilt ever-so-popular amongst Indians is its sheer softness. They are ultra-soft and are known for their capability of offering comfort. Also, the cloth the manufacturers use to made the quilt’s outer covering can assure a peaceful sleep to the user.

These quilts Are Lightweight

The fact that the Jaipuri quilt in Jodhpur is extremely lightweight makes it one of the most demanding and loved quilts in the market. It's that lightweight feature of the quilt which makes it a must-have option for all households. These quilts are designed to keep cold off feet, despite being lightweight.

Well, it is no surprise that Jaipuri quilts are now an essential part of everybody’s life. The Jaipuri quilts not only allow you to enjoy the winter's sans feeling cold but being lightweight also ensures that you aren’t suffocating with its burden. The quilts are available in different patterns, designs, and colours. The patterns embed on the quilts are the perfect representation of the artisans’ creative minds who hold special expertise in the field of quilt designing.

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